School Concert

School Concert

On September the 11th the whole school got together to perform our school concert. Our concert theme was ‘It’s a musical world!’ and it was about all the people in the audience being the passengers on a ‘plane’ and visiting countries throughout the world. Every class was a country and after lots of rehearsals including practising in our costumes and practising on the stage we were ready for our big night. So many people have said what an amazing and incredible performance it was and it was all thanks to Signora Formichelli and all the help she got from our wonderful community. Everyone had such a great time and the parents enjoyed watching their children and trying to find them through all the smiling faces onstage!

During the day we all got on the buses and headed off to Crossway to practise on the stage and to learn where everything was going to take place for the evening. It was a big day of practise so it was nice to have a bit of a break at home before we got changed into our costumes ready for our big performance.  Everyone did so well with their dances and for the year 5/6’s, it was a wonderful last concert to remember.

We all had a marvellous time, and we captured the night by some photos, here is the photos from the night:



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