Suessical the Musical

Suessical the Musical

Wow what a musical! On Wednesday the 25th of July the Year 4 students were lucky enough to travel to the Whitehorse Arts Centre to see the Emmaus production of ‘Suessical’ the musical, and what a fantastic day it was. It was fun, engaging and had lots of energy.

Here are some quotes from the students…

“ The dances were very well done- The wickersham brothers in particular were fantastic. Lucas Faundez was fantastic”

“Cat in the hat was a fantastic character to watch, very engaging and funny. The fortnight/flossing dance was my highlight!”

“The energy from the chorus made the show!  Very powerful voices from the principal actors”

“The costumes were excellent”

Although the students missed their lunch break, all agreed it was worth it to see the amazing and talented performers!

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