Mother’s Day at Holy Trinity

Mother’s Day at Holy Trinity

Today on the 11/5/18 we celebrated an early Mothers Day. We had a Mothers Day stall from 9:00am-11:00am where we got to buy special gifts for our mums. We also did some Mother’s Day activities and after lunch we had a special Mother’s Day afternoon tea. Last year and few other years before we had a Mother’s Day breakfast and this year we have decided to have a Mother’s Day afternoon tea instead. We hope our Mums enjoyed the afternoon tea and have a good Mother’s Day this Sunday. Here are some photos that have been taken at our Mother’s Day afternoon tea ……


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  1. This was a lovely event. It was nice to have some time with the mums of the school then go into classrooms and do an activity with our children. I think there was a great turn out of mums and it ran very smoothly. Thank you so much to the teachers for put this on for us and thank you to those children walking around with platters of food for the mums greeting mums with lovely smiles.

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