5/6 Camp Day 1

5/6 Camp Day 1

So far the 5/6 camp has been excellent! We arrived at the Briars at around ten o’clock and we had to take our bags off the bus straight away. The staff at Briars showed us our cabins and to be honest it is pretty clean expect the writing on the bunks.  We got to have a look around the site at some of the different activities we would be doing such as the Flying Fox, Giant Swing, Leap of Faith and Archery.

This afternoon we broke up into our activity groups to participate in our two rotational activities. My group got to do the Flying Fox and the Leap of Faith. Lots of the children that did the Leap of Faith said that the high level was pretty scary.

Tonight for dinner we are having chicken schnitzel with boiled veggies and gravy. For dessert we are having jelly and ice cream which sounds delicious. We are not sure what time we are going to bed but hopefully i’ts not too late.

We can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow.

Here is a few photos of us in action …….




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