Italiano e i gesti – Learning Italian through gesture

Italiano e i gesti – Learning Italian through gesture

There will be some changes to the way languages will be offered at our school in 2018. The key changes the children  will experience include:

  • Introduction of a group of focus words each week, which can be used frequently for interacting in the classroom, at school, home and general conversation.
  • Use of gesture to help students learn, understand and remember the vocabulary. Some of the gestures we learn will be based on Auslan sign with a few tweaks where necessary.

An expected learning outcome will be made clear for students – to be able to actively remember and use functional words and simple phrases.

They will share strategies with each other to help the whole class achieve the expected learning outcome.

Students will be encouraged to use the vocabulary they have learnt to speak to each other in class in Italian.

We will continue to adopt the CLIL approach: Content and Language Integrated Learning, which combines teaching content from a curriculum area with the explicit teaching of the Italian language.  We will once again do this through the Performing Arts Curriculum. We are very excited about this unique integrated approach to the learning of a language at Holy Trinity.

It is an innovative approach to the teaching, learning and assessment of  Italian in our school.

Looking forward to an amazing year of Language learning through gestures and the Performing Arts!

Ciao a presto! Signora Formichelli

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