5/6 Solar Buddy Fundraising

5/6 Solar Buddy Fundraising

This term in the 5/6 level we have been fundraising for an organisation called Solar Buddy. You fundraise money and get sent a solar light kit to build. These lights then get sent to the Solar Buddy people and then sent to the people that are living in energy poverty. People in places like Uganda, Ghana, The Gambia, Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal, Tibet, India and more. At this time we have raised over$700. Groups have raised money by holding various stalls and activities such as a fidget spinner raffle, selling slime, guessing how many lollies are in the jar, helping teachers wash cars, selling baked goods and much more.

Unfortunately, because we were working raising money we did not take any photos of us in action.

Stay tuned for a final figure of how much we raised.

Well done 5/6’s on your wonderful efforts throughout our fundraising project!

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