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Google Meet Timetable

Google Meet Timetable

Welcome back everyone to term 3 and to remote learning 2.0. I hope everyone had an enjoyable school holiday break and are refreshed for another great term of learning.

Below is the Google Meet Timetable for classes (including Specialist Google Meets). As you will notice the times for class Google Meets should be the same each day.

There is also a specialist Google Meet time for each class during the week where you will to some learning with the Specialist teachers at the allocated time. It is important to remember that no matter what specialist lesson you have it will always be the same code, You will also stay on your Google Meet throughout the session and your specialist teachers will swap over half way through the session. Most class teachers will explain how to access their specialist Google Meet but here is a quick summary …..

6 Yellow & 6 Blue enter the code …… year6
5 Yellow & 5 Blue enter the code …… year5
4 Yellow & 4 Blue enter the code …… year4
3 Yellow & 3 Blue enter the code …… year3
2 Yellow & 2 Blue enter the code …… year2
1 Yellow & 1 Blue enter the code …… year1
Prep Blue enter the code ……  prepb
Prep Yellow enter the code ……  prepy
Below is video explaining how to access Google Meets – both class and specialist meets.
Minecraft Club for the Students in Years 2 and 3!

Minecraft Club for the Students in Years 2 and 3!

The Grade 6 Digitech leaders leaders have some exciting news for students in Year 2 and 3.

We will be helping to run a Minecraft Club for students in Grade 2s and 3s (who haven’t participated before). We have been working hard in lunchtime sessions to help set things up and I am sure the students who participate in these sessions will learn lots of new skills as well as having a lot of fun.

Information for our new Minecraft club will be sent out in a letter shortly after the holidays.

Amazing Paper Construction Art

Amazing Paper Construction Art

This week the Grade One students worked really hard to create some 3D imaginary lands from paprr. They used the paper skills they had learnt to create playgrounds, gardens, parks, aquariums and even a race track.
They were very proud of themselves.

Amazing artists

Amazing artists

Such happy days in the art room. These little artists were challenged while learning paper construction skills.  They persisted and helped each other. Such a lot of  learning happens when we create. They were so proud of their work and I was so proud of them all.  Can’t wait to see what they make next. Yay to being back at school with all our lovely art materials.

2 Blue are thankful to be back!

2 Blue are thankful to be back!

This week the students in 2 Blue thought about something they are grateful for. Some of the students thought about the last two months and what they enjoyed at home while others were grateful to be back at school this week. Enjoy watching the short video of 2 Blue students sharing what they are thankful for this week!



Hi Year 1 families.

Here is the learning that the Year 2 teachers are planning to explore over the coming week. The teachers will be online at regular times during this week to support the student’s learning so please continue to regularly visit your child’s Google Classroom as well as the school blog for ongoing updates.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the Year 1 teachers at the following addresses ….. (1 Blue) / (1 Yellow)

Thank you for your ongoing support!