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Holiday activity fun to try at home

Holiday activity fun to try at home

Hi everyone

I thought I would share this link now to give you extra physical activities to try at home.

PE with Joe shares daily Physical activities for you to try. Today he was dressed as Spider-Man and invited others to join in the fun dressed up and do their daily huff and puff exercises. New each day.

Enjoy from Mrs Harrison



Physical Activity at home…

Keeping active throughout these times is extremely important, with so many after school activities cancelled kids still need to get out and off the couch. Here is a list of activities that can be done at home.

Shoot some hoops 

Kick a ball

Throw and catch a tennis ball

Throw and catch with family

2 square


Lazy Monster App (Free)

PT in my pocket (small cost)

Tap a tennis ball on a racquet

Hit a ball against a brick wall

Go for a walk / run

Ride a bike

Set up an obstacle course inside or out depending on space 

Tap a balloon, how long can you keep it up 

Family plank challenge 

Simon Says…

Hop scotch

Get out in the garden and weed

Yoga for kids Daily fitness App (Free)

Hide and seek


Turn on some music and dance

It Apps (free)- Stretch It, Work It, Jump It, Balance It

Stay tuned for more activities.

Take care and stay active!!


from Mrs Harrison

Active Everyday

Active Everyday


All it takes is 30 minutes of physical activity a day during April. Enjoy great benefits and win awesome prizes. Try some of these activities over the holidays and beyond.

Awesome free workout videos for the whole family!

Join Active April our school Holy Trinity School WS and Team ID is holy-trinity-school-ws.

Click on the link below to access the poster and family calendar.




Twilight Sports

Twilight Sports

On Wednesday the 11th of March the students of Holy Trinity & St. Mary’s participated in our annual Twilight Sports.  There was lots of great events with one of the highlights being the buddy relay where the Prep students got to get dressed up as if they were going to school.

Overall, everyone did such a good job and the house points were so close.

The winner of the Spirit shield was Dominic (Red) and the overall winner of the night was Bunnorong House (Gold).

A big thank you to Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Patmore and everyone who assisted in putting this huge event together. Also thank you to the wonderful mothers who took so many photos of the evening.

Here are some snaps of the evening …..

House Chants

House Chants

Over the past two weeks the whole school have been practising house chants getting ready for Twilight Sports. Each house colour sings different songs so that we can earn points (Spirit points) for our team. On Twilight Sports day each house will chant their songs to help encourage team members to do their best in their events.

Here are some photos taken from our practises last Friday ……



On Friday 21st February some students from years 3 to 6 were selected to represent HT & St. Mary’s at Kilsyth Centenary Pool to compete in the District Swimming competition.

This event was the culmination of many weeks of hard work where the students have been going to swimming training every Tuesday morning at 7.30 am at Knox Leisureworks.

The competition was really intense with lots of students getting very nervous before their races. Many of the students did well and it was amazing how well everyone did despite feeling so nervous.

After all the freestyle, breastroke, backstroke and butterfly events we participated in relay events which our school did really well at. Some of the swimmers were lucky enough to make it through to Divisional Competition which will take place on Wednesday 4th of March.

Well done to Tyrone who was rewarded for all of his hard work by earning the Age Group Champion for 12 year old boys.

Overall HT & St. Mary’s came first for the 10th time in a row with 105 points!

Congrats to everyone who represented HT at the District Swimming.

Here are some photos of us in action…..

Human Christmas Tree Relay

Human Christmas Tree Relay

Recently, in PE the students participated in a Christmas relay where they had to grab a decoration and put it on the ‘human’ Christmas tree. It was a lot of fun and it was a great way to end the year in PE.

Thanks to Mrs.Harrison for organising it and for a great year in PE!

Swimming Program

Swimming Program

On Wednesday the 6th of November the students in Prep to Year 4 began travelling to Knox Leisureworks for our yearly swimming program. This program took place for 8 days which finished today. In the first week we did the lessons practising swimming strokes, floating and survival. On each Thursdays all student brought in their PJs. We had to do our swimming in these clothes as well as learning how to survive in the water if we were to fall in with our clothes on.

Today (Friday) is everyone’s favourite day because it is Fun Friday. We got to make whirlpools with the others in our group, did a water scribble and go on the water slide too. It was so much fun.

Overall, we had so much fun in the swimming program and will be sad not to do it next year when we are go into Year 5.

Year 6 Swimming

Year 6 Swimming

On Tuesday the 12th of November the Year 6 students went to Knox Leisureworks to achieve their year 6 water safety certificate. Some of the skills that we needed to do to achieve this certificate included a 25m freestyle, 25m of another stroke and 5 minutes of treading water in clothes.

Mrs Harrison was proud of our efforts with swimming at primary school because so many of our student achieved the certificate.

Overall it was a fun day especially the water polo.

By Siena and Niamh

Regional Hoop Time

Regional Hoop Time

On Wednesday the 16th of October two teams from year 4 went to the State Basketball Stadium to represent Holy Trinity at the Regional Hoop Time Competition.

Our team (the Tigers) played played 4 pool games where we won 3 games and lost 1 by just one point. Our other HT team (the Titans) won 2 games and lost 2 in their pool. Both teams played well enough in their pool games to make it to the finals.

In the qualifying finals the Tigers had a really tight game. The game went into overtime and one free throw with just 15 seconds to go sealed the game for the other team in a devastating way for the HT Tigers as they just lost. In the other final the Titans also played really well but unfortunately lost by a bigger margin.

Overall, both teams played really well representing HT but ultimately got knocked out. Hopefully they will be back next year.

3/4 Cricket Blast

3/4 Cricket Blast

On Wednesday the 16th of October all the students in Year 3 and 4 went to Eastern Lions oval on Lewis Road to participate in the Woolworths Cricket Blast day. Before we competed Mrs. Harrison had already put us into teams and we had been practising at school with cricket players who were running a clinic during PE sessions.

During the day we began with everyone participating in a cricket clinic where we practised the main skills of fielding, batting and bowling. After this we competed against other schools in a game. Overall each team played 3 games.

My favourite part of the day was after every game where we got to use the Woolworths smoothie maker.

Overall, the 3/4 Cricket Blast was a really fun day.


Jump Rope For Heart

Jump Rope For Heart

Jump Rope for Heart was held recently where some students from years 5 and 6s put on a performance for the rest of the school demonstrating their skills with different types of skipping. During the performance there were group, solo and partner routines. The year 5/6s worked hard including using their play times perfect their routines. It turned out really well and the standard was really high.

The students from Prep to Year 6 have also been practising their jump rope skills during PE sessions as well as during recess and lunch throughout term 3. During our jump rope day the students divided up into their house colours and participated in a range of different skipping activities. The students really enjoyed the day and demonstrated how much they have improved with their skipping skills.

We thank Mrs. Harrison for all of her hard work with teaching us as well as coordinating the activities during our Jump Rope for Heart day.

Congratulations to all the participants for all of your hard work.

HT’s Jump Rope For Heart Demo Team

HT’s Jump Rope For Heart Demo Team

Every Tuesday recess and Wednesday lunch the Jump Rope For Heart Demo team have been practising for Jump Off Day. Our Jump Off day took place on Thursday 22nd August. Jump Rope for Heart is an opportunity for the students in our school to become active and healthy because students our age should be doing at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. The students in the school demo team are confident skippers in the 5/6 level.

Throughout this term the students have been are practising different routines including our intro, partner or single rope activities, and also long rope activities. Some of the tricks we have been practising include are double unders, criss cross, and pretzel. A double under is when you jump, then you let the rope go under you twice, then you land.

Here is a few pictures of our Demo team in action ……


Year 4 Hoop Time

Year 4 Hoop Time

On Wednesday the 31st July the Year 4 students all went to the state basketball stadium to compete in the Hoop Time basketball competition.  All the year 4 students had been been training for the last three weeks and we have improved heaps with our basketball skills. Most teams got to play at least four games with some future stars teams making it through to the finals. In the final we had two Holy Trinity teams playing off with the HT Tigers winning in a close contest against HT Taipans. It was such a close game that both teams will get to play off in the regional finals in October. Overall it was very exciting to play against other teams in the Hoop Time competition and everyone had heaps of fun!

Thank you to Mrs. Harrison for organising all the teams, to the parents that came to help coach on the day and to the 5/6 students who helped our teams to practise for the competition.

2019 Girls Soccer- Winter Sports Round Robin Day 2

2019 Girls Soccer- Winter Sports Round Robin Day 2

On Wednesday the 26th June some of the 5/6 girls represented HT in the Interschool Sports Round Robin competition. Our girls made it into the Division 1 playoffs because we had won our games from the first day of competition a couple of weeks ago. In our first game today we played against Bayswater South which was a really tough game and the final outcome was 1-1. The next game was against St Bernadette’s (we won against them on our first day) and again we won this time 2 – 0. Our final game was against St. Judes which was the game that all the girls wanted to win the most since we are sister schools. Thankfully, we won this game 3 – 0.

Overall the HT girls soccer team tied for district champion and will be off to play in the division championships on the 2nd Wednesday of next term. Great stuff girls on your performance over the two days.

Winter School Sports Round Robin (Boys Football)

Winter School Sports Round Robin (Boys Football)

On Wednesday the 26th of June our boys football team went to Lewis Park to participate in Division 1 boys footy competition. The boys were really fired up for our first game against Kent Park Primary. Unfortunately, we got a bit of a smashing in this game but this did not dampen our spirits for our future games.  In the next game Holy Trinity played Boronia-K-12.  We were tied after the first quarter but slowly Boronia got on top of us and eventually beat us by a couple of goals. In our final game we played our neighbours at St. Judes. St. Judes were in front for the whole game until the last quarter when we  caught up but we left our run a bit late and sadly lost by one goal.

Overall we had a lot of fun playing together as a team over the two round robin days. Thanks to Mr.B for being our coach and for our captain and vice captain for leading us. Great stuff boys!

Girls AFL

Girls AFL

On Friday the 21rst of June the 5/6 girls represented HT at an all girls AFL football tournament.  During the day we played a lot of different schools including the Fairhills Primary (we won 33 to 0) , Waverley Christian College (we won 13 to 12), Kent Park Primary (we won 18 to 1), Rowville Primary (we won 45 to 7) and The Basin (we won 11 to 6). We played so well throughout the day which meant that we reached the semi finals where we played Karoo Primary. Sadly, we just lost a very close game 12 to 13. Overall we had five wins and one loss which was a brilliant result for our team. We had lots of great players throughout the day but our best and fairest players were Liv and Glenys.

Overall, we all played really well and enjoyed the day despite it being very wet. Thanks to Mrs. Harrison and Mr. B for helping out so much with the day.

Winter School sports (Netball)

Winter School sports (Netball)

On the 26th of June some 5/6 children from H.T competed in the second day of Winter School Sports (Netball). We had three teams who participated in this day who were the Aqua,Blue and Cyan team. During the day the Aqua team won 2 out of 3 games, whilst the Blue team won 1 game and drew another and our Cyan team won 1 out of 3 games.

Overall, everyone enjoyed participating in these day and they learnt a lot about playing netball together as a team. Thank you to Miss Nevin and Miss Ryan for the time you took to coach us.