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Our School Garden 🌼🐞🌱

Our School Garden 🌼🐞🌱

Recently at Holy Trinity the Environmental leaders have been work on weeding and replanting our veggie garden! Soon we will be able to harvest our lovely range of veggies and herbs. We will hopefully be cooking a wonderful dish in time for carols. Keep your eyes on the blog for more garden updates in the coming weeks!

Stay green thumbs. 🌱👍

Here are some photos :

Our beautiful Herbs.
Our Flowers – Marigolds 🌻

By Chloe Hall & Isabella Mrad

Everything Green

Everything Green

Next term Miss Hiscox and the Environment Leaders are working together to create a gardening club. One of our big project will be to revamp our “beautiful” veggie patch and make it a bit more sustainable. Students will get the chance to join in with the club which will take place each week.

Also our school is becoming more green every day by reducing , reusing and recycling our rubbish. Each will also be working on becoming more sustainable by getting their very own compost bin as well.

Keep an eye on the school blog for future posts about our school becoming more and more green.

1/2 Level Maths

1/2 Level Maths

On Monday all 1/2 classes contributed in level maths.

Miss McGing’s  group was learning how do an array by using dice and playing array bingo.

Miss Rooney and Mrs. Rodrigo’s maths  groups were learning how to complete repeated addition by showing them how many smiley faces are in the bag .eg. 4+4+4+4+4=20

Mrs. O’Brien group was learning how to solve worded problems .eg. John had 8 cookies  and gave 5 two Eliza how many does he have left?

Overall, it sounds like all the 1/2 students learnt a lot of new Maths skills whilst having lots of fun.