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Magic Beach

Magic Beach

This morning, Prep Yellow read Magic Beach by Alison Lester. The kids love how Alison used her imagination in the story. The Preps then used their imaginations to create their own magic beach. They are looking forward to writing about their magic beach next too!

Here are some things the Preps said to describe their Magic Beach –

Aarav: “At my Magic Beach I am so happy I am saying YES because I am at the beach! The sun is making all the air hot and is going on the people.”

Haveen: “On the Magic Beach, the people at the beach play with the sandcastles and they imagine there is a dragon and then a knight comes and saves the castle!”

Phillip: “On my Magic Beach there is a purple starfish!”

Remy: “At my Magic Beach there is an asteroid and a kraken, a big octopus. The asteroid hit the kraken so he won’t take over the beach!”

Evie: “On my Magic Beach, Ana and Elsa are going in the dark sea to see the ship!”

Oliver T: “On my Magic Beach there is Koffing, Gyrados and a crazy monster. Gropede is also on my magic beach! Also on my magic beach there is a giant leg which is filled with traps!” 

Zara Eg: “On my Magic Beach there is a little girl named Willow. She swam in the ocean with my dad. On my Magic Beach you can see a rainbow and raindrops and some colourful waves!”

Zara Ev: “On my Magic Beach there is real sand, calm water and really fierce water. There is a really bright sun and an octopus with lots and lots of tentacles. There is also a green jellyfish and a great white shark!”

Patrick:“On my Magic Beach there is the beach, the sky, the sun and the clouds. There is a moon that comes and goes!”

Angelina:“On my Magic Beach there is the sun and the water and some sand. I love swimming at my Magic Beach.”

Ria: “On Sunday I went to my Magic Beach and I saw sparkling water and a bright sun. And I saw squishy land! I also saw fluffy clouds.”

Caitlin: “At my magic beach there’s a superhero. There’s some fish and a shark in the deep, blue water. There is a big castle! There are some shells in the water. There is a girl tasting marshmallows on the bonfire.”

Avery: “On my Magic Beach, there are shells. There are decorations because a mermaid is having a party! There are waves in the sky and there is a purple sea!”

Aarjav: “My Magic Beach has blue water and the sky has blue water too! My neighbours are on the magic beach and going in the cold water!” 

Moses: “On my Magic Beach, a water volcano erupted. Then there was a star on top of my water volcano!”

Bastian: “On my Magic Beach there are golden and silver nets that will catch a shark. There are rainbows on my magic beach too!”

Asha: “On my Magic Beach, I have a pink sun, it’s going down. I have a blue sky and water and my family at the beach.”  

Madelyn: “On my Magic Beach I make sand castles. The sun is very hot so that is why we went to the beach.” 

Phillip: “On my Magic Beach I see a starfish on the beach. And I see a jellyfish. The water is really cold! 

Oliver W: “My Magic Beach is fluffy. It is fluffy treasure! On my Magic Beach there is lava!”


Gravity Fun in Prep L!

Gravity Fun in Prep L!

In Prep L we have been learning all about gravity. We have had fun exploring with different items in the classroom and seeing how long they take to reach the ground. Here are some of the students thinking around gravity –

‘Gravity is like a big magnet. It pulls us down so we don’t float away to space!’ (Emily)

‘Space does not have gravity because things float up there.’ (Pierre)

‘The more mass an object has, the quicker it will fall to the ground when we let it go!’ (Henry) 

‘Gravity pulls everything down on earth.’ (Grace)


Graphing in Prep L

Graphing in Prep L

Prep L have enjoyed learning all about graphs this week! The photo displayed is a graph we made to represent the boys and girls in our class. From this graph we know that –

“There are fourteen girls” (Ezekiel)

“There are twelve boys” (Sienna)

“There are more girls than boys on the graph (Grace)

“There are less boys than girls on the graph” (Alex)

“If Luella and Emmerson were in our class today, there would be sixteen girls in total” (Henry)

“The number down the bottom tells us how many people there are without counting” (Wyatt)

“We can see that there are 26 people in total on the graph” (Olivia and Chris)

“Graphs help us sort out our information” (Owen)



The Holy Trinity community are working hard to raise money for those less fortunate through Caritas Australia’s annual Lenten fundraising appeal. 3/4H have been enthusiastically raising money and will continue to do this throughout Lent. So far they have raised a total of $50.10 – fantastic effort!

Here are some of their thoughts about the project and why is it important to raise money –

“I am grateful in my life because I have water, food and shelter. It feels good to donate to those less fortunate.” Riley 3/4H
“I have raised money by giving $5 to the poor instead of having $5 for my Subway lunch. I felt warm inside when I did this because I know I did a good deed.” Ryan 3/4H
“It feels good to donate to the poor because it is what Jesus did.” Charlotte 3/4H
“Donating to Caritas is something I will not regret. My life in Australia is fantastic but sometimes I don’t realise how lucky I am and can take things for granted. That’s why I halved my pocket money and gave it to the poor. It made me feel great! Isabella 3/4H
“It feels good to donate to those less fortunate.”  Ashton 3/4H
“It feels great to donate to the poor because they’ll live a better life. I’m going to raise money by helping my mum at Schnitz and doing some chores.”  Josh 3/4H
“I am going to raise money by doing chores such as doing the dishes and cleaning my room.” Druv 3/4H
“It feels good to donate because it feels like I have saved a life.” Charlie 3/4H
“I think giving to the people in need is important because most of us kids can go to school but some other kids around the world can’t. So we should give in Lent! This week I am giving up my Subway money.” Jess 3/4H
“I am raising money by giving my pocket money to the poor.” Zander 3/4H
“I feel good donating to the poor because I have great things that they don’t have. I have given money from my money box and I will continue to do that throughout the time of Lent.” Stella 3/4H
“Every week you should raise money. The easy way to do this is by using a piggy bank. If we do this we are helping others have a good life and it feels good.” Birva 3/4H
“I feel great donating to the less fortunate because they will have a better life.” Dominica 3/4H
“We are lucky that we can give money to the poor people so they will be happy.” Avinash 3/4H
“Giving money to the poor is good for them.” Shannyn 3/4H
“I think we should give money to Caritas Australia because we are giving to the people that are less fortunate than us.” Caitlin 3/4H
“We give money to the poor to help them and make them happy.” Akuach 3/4H
“During the first week of Lent, all of the classes get a box to raise money. It’s a great cause.” Dakotah, 3/4
“When I put in some money I felt good because that money is for people who don’t have stuff that we do and we can help them.” McKenzie 3/4H
“I am going to raise money by getting $10 out of my purse because I feel sorry for them not being able to go to school and have no food or water.” Kasey 3/4H
“I feel lucky and grateful to live in Australia. We should donate to those less fortunate so they are happier and healthier.” Lachie 3/4H
“Project Compassion is a great cause!” Nikolas 3/4H
3/4G Measurement

3/4G Measurement

During our maths lesson today we focused on capacity. We looked at different containers and estimated how many millilitres/litres were in each container. We then checked our estimations using measuring jugs to see how accurate we were. We love hands on learning and have started to become quite good at estimating the capacity of containers!


3/4G’s New Word Wall

3/4G’s New Word Wall

image (1)

3/4 G are very excited by their new Word Wall! Check out the comments below to hear what they have to say for themselves –

“I think the Word Wall is good for people as it encourages us to use new and interesting words in our writing.” Andre

“The Word Wall is extending my vocabulary a lot and helping with my spelling.” Jack. W

I think the Word Wall is a really good idea. It will help us with our spelling, writing and language. I can’t wait for my knowledge to grow bigger and bigger.” Ella

“I can learn more words on the Word Wall.” Logan

“The Word Wall’s purpose is to make you use more interesting words in your writing. My opinion of the Word Wall is that I think it is good and works really well.” Ben. S

“I think that the Word Wall is great because it helps me with my learning. I use some of the words in my writing and reading. A lot of them are really long and interesting.” Declan

“I really appreciate the Word Wall and I think it really helps everyone with their vocabulary and their writing.” Lizzie

“I think the Word Wall is a real big help with spelling and vocab. Big thanks!” Will

“I think the Word Wall is a big help on assisting us clarify words and share our great words in our writing.” Audrey

“I think the Word Wall helps us learn more with our spelling and writing.” Izzy

I think the Word Wall is good because people can learn new words from it and can use the words in their writing and speaking.” Jack. J

“I think the Word Wall is great. It helps us learn new words every day. The Word Wall is organised from A-Z.” Luca

“I think the Word Wall is really good because in the class people can expand their vocabulary and learn more words to put in their writing e.g tests, Naplan, narratives, recounts and way more”. Raghubir

“The Word Wall really helps me with my descriptive writing and using interesting words in my school work, at home and when I talk. Also, I get to find out words I didn’t know before or might have forgotten.” Cheyenne

“I think the Word Wall is reliable because it helps the kids do fantastic writing and if one kid does a clever word, other kids can learn more words every day.” Jasmine

“I think the Word Wall is a really good learning tool to use and make new words in your writing and you are learning what things mean. I also think that you can learn and read hard words.” Araliya