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Author: Shannon Mullavey

Prep Photography in Digitech

Prep Photography in Digitech

This term in Digitech the students have been working hard learning about taking different types of photos. Some of the different photos that they took included a full body photo, head and shoulders, background, action, selfie and group shot. They then put these into a Google Doc and uses some of the features in this program to create a poster.

Everyone (students, parents and even the Digitech teacher) learnt a lot  of new skills during this unit and I am very thankful to everyone for their wonderful support.

Here are a selection of a few of Prep Blue’s posters …….

Google Meet Timetable

Google Meet Timetable

Welcome back everyone to term 3 and to remote learning 2.0. I hope everyone had an enjoyable school holiday break and are refreshed for another great term of learning.

Below is the Google Meet Timetable for classes (including Specialist Google Meets). As you will notice the times for class Google Meets should be the same each day.

There is also a specialist Google Meet time for each class during the week where you will to some learning with the Specialist teachers at the allocated time. It is important to remember that no matter what specialist lesson you have it will always be the same code, You will also stay on your Google Meet throughout the session and your specialist teachers will swap over half way through the session. Most class teachers will explain how to access their specialist Google Meet but here is a quick summary …..

6 Yellow & 6 Blue enter the code …… year6
5 Yellow & 5 Blue enter the code …… year5
4 Yellow & 4 Blue enter the code …… year4
3 Yellow & 3 Blue enter the code …… year3
2 Yellow & 2 Blue enter the code …… year2
1 Yellow & 1 Blue enter the code …… year1
Prep Blue enter the code ……  prepb
Prep Yellow enter the code ……  prepy
Below is video explaining how to access Google Meets – both class and specialist meets.
Online Typing Programs

Online Typing Programs

Currently, with a higher focus on using devices to help support our learning from home the ability to be able to efficiently type the correct letters on the keyboard is a skill that all students need more than ever. All students have the opportunity to participate in an online learning program.

The Prep students are encouraged to use BBC typing. This can be accessed from the Student Portal or be clicking on the following link Students don’t need any logon details to access this program but the program.

The students in year 1 to 3 use typing tournament. The students again access this from the Student Portal and the students have their own logon details on the computer cards. In this program the students undertake a series of different ‘missions.’ Once the student completes these missions they get the chance to sit a typing test where the aim is to type as accurately as possible at a certain speed limit (wpm or words per minute). Once the student reaches this goal they get a picture on their map and go to the next level.

There are a number of students doing amazing things in this program but one class worth noting is 3 Blue who are coming along well in their touch typing skills.  As you can see many students who are progressing through the levels as evidenced with the ticks.

Here are a few of our Prep and Year 1 students developing their touch typing skills during our term 1 Digitech sessions ……

The students in years 4 to 6 practise their touch typing skills using which again can be accessed from the Student Portal.  The students use the Login with Google option when logging into this program. In this program the students use a combination of accuracy and speed to progress through the levels. This was the achievements of a couple of our great touch typers using this program recently ….

Developing our keyboarding skills is necessary skill for all students growing up in the 21st Century, I would encourage all students to spend even 5 to 10 minutes a day developing their touch typing skills by participating in one of these engaging programs. They will reap the benefits of this practise in the future.

Overall, I would like to thank everyone for their hard work during our home learning program and look forward to seeing your happy faces when we return soon.

Keep up the great typing!

Virtual House Fun Run

Virtual House Fun Run

Next week (beginning on Thursday 14 May) every student will be encouraged to participate in our school virtual house fun run. Each student will be encouraged to exercise for a 30 minute session sometime during this week and record how many metres they ran/jogged/walked for in the Google form (the link for this will be sent out next week).

Please view the following videos to tell you more about this special event.


Online Assembly

Online Assembly

Hi everyone

Today’s online assembly will be pre-recorded and posted as a video on the school blog, Google Classroom and Class Dojo. Please return back to one of these platforms just before 3pm to view this video. It may be worth refreshing your browser just to ensure you get the most up to date version of this webpage.

Catch many of you back here at 3pm this afternoon.

Mr. M

Welcome to Week 4 of our home learning program

Welcome to Week 4 of our home learning program

Welcome to week 4 of our home learning program. I hope everyone had a nice restful weekend and are energised for the upcoming week of learning. Just a reminder if you have not already done so to please download the Moovosity app (if you are using a tablet) as this will be used for our PE learning this week. We will be sending home more information about how to use Moovosity early this week.

Also, below is our Class Google Meet timetable for week 4 for your information.

Just a reminder for any student who might be joining a Google Meet with an LSO you may wish to view the following video …..

Have a great week everyone!