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Author: Caroline Laming

International Dot Day

International Dot Day

This week the Grade One students celebrated International Dot Day.
They listened to ‘The Dot’ by Peter Reynolds and created an artwork. They could start with a dot, or the dot could be the artwork. Here are just a few of their amazing creations.

So proud of their super work.




Emily W





Owen B



Owen V


‘Street Art’ Characters

‘Street Art’ Characters

Grade 5 and 6 artists created cute and/or  fiendish characters starting with a simple bump.  They used the elements of art Line, Colour, Shape, Space Texture and Form to create some very original characters. Super proud of theur hard work and creativity.

Check them out by clicking on the link.

Love Hearts in the Remote Artroom

Love Hearts in the Remote Artroom

 Grade Prep students were introduced to American Artist Romero Britto’s bright and colourful Artworks.

They used a Ruler, textas, pencils or pastels to  create some beautiful Heart Art.

So proud of these little artists.

Click on the link to view some of the finished artworks.

Year 6 Positivity from the Remote Art Room

Year 6 Positivity from the Remote Art Room

As part of our unit on Street Art “Graffti” Year 6 have been working to create ‘Pieces” of some Positive words.

These are Incredible, I am so proud of their strength and committment in these difficult times.  

I can’t wait till we are back at school and can paint a few of these around the school,

(with permission from Mr. Downie of course)

Click on the link to view