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Online STUDENT Cyber Safety Sessions- Monday Sept 13

Online STUDENT Cyber Safety Sessions- Monday Sept 13

Teaching children to be cybersafe will help them to engage with the online world safely, responsibly and discerningly and can assist to protect them from online risks.

Sometimes children are faced with online situations that they simply don’t know how to handle. As a school we recognise the importance of Cyber Safety education. Therefore, children are taught the knowledge and skills they need to prevent cyberbullying, protect their personal information and how to deal with inappropriate images or behaviours they see online.

To complement the Cyber Safety education that we currently teach at school, Shannon Mullavey has organised sessions with Inform & Empower, who presented to parents earlier this year. Rather than wait until we can conduct these sessions onsite with the students, they will now be held Online. We require students to attend the Incursion session designated to their level. Teachers have built the Cyber Safety Sessions into the student’s learning next week (see Learning Grids).

Online Cyber Safety Sessions Monday September 13

  • 9.30 to 10.50 am – Years 5 & 6 – 80 min
  • 11.40 am to 1.00 pm – Years 3 & 4 – 80 min
  • 2.00 pm to 2.45 pm – Preps, 1’s & 2’s – 45 min (Yes Preps can attend as well)

COST: FREE (covered by School Budget)

Parents, where possible, are asked to watch the Online Cyber Safety Session with their child/ren. We encourage a family discussion after the session to reinforce the learning that the children have been involved in.

 Click here to enter Online Cyber Safety Session/s



Father’s Day is a day for people to show their appreciation for fathers, grandfathers and father figures. Father figures may include stepfathers, fathers-in-law, guardians (e.g. foster parents), and family friends. This special day reminds us how much we love our fathers, grandfathers and those who are like fathers to us. We take the opportunity to say THANK YOU for all they do for us.

Below is the Prayer Service I have put together for Father’s Day. Some teachers have used this Prayer Service with their classes. Families are also encouraged to pray together as a family using the Prayer Service to recognise and pray for the fathers, grandfathers and father figures in their lives.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Prayer Service

Sacred Heart of Jesus Prayer Service

The Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was on June 11, 2021. The Feast reminds us how deep God’s love is for each and every one of us. The Sacred Heart of Jesus represents not simply His physical heart but His love for all humankind. We remember Jesus’ great love for us and His example of care, compassion and support for those less fortunate. Following Jesus’ example and as an expression of our love and care for others, families generally supported the work of St. Vincent de Paul’s Winter Appeal and gave to those in need in our Parish and the local community.

Below is the Sacred Heart of Jesus Prayer Service that students and teachers prayed at school on Friday. As we were not allowed to have anyone on site to join us, families may like to us it to pray together.

Holy Trinity Prayer Service

Holy Trinity Prayer Service

Sunday May 30 is the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity, also known as Trinity Sunday.

Teachers will share remote learning activities with students to do that focuses on Holy Trinity.

Below is a Holy Trinity Prayer Service that families may like to pray together.

Easter Resurrection Alleluia Prayer Service 2021

Easter Resurrection Alleluia Prayer Service 2021

As a School Community we celebrated the Easter Resurrection with Fr Mark. Easter is too important to last only one day. Over the next few weeks we will continue to celebrate the Season of Easter. The Easter Season is celebrated in the Church for fifty days, until Pentecost Sunday.

We celebrate because Jesus rose from the dead. As the people of God we have been saved and have this new life given to us through the dying and rising of Jesus at Easter. Jesus is risen and he is with the Church, to teach and guide us until the end of time. Join joyfully in the world’s ‘Alleluia’ by praying with your family.


Stations of the Cross~ Prayer Service

Stations of the Cross~ Prayer Service

Today’s Prayer Service, focusses on the Stations of the Cross. We come together to remember the story of Jesus’ last few days. We know that while this is a very sad story, it has a wonderful ending – Jesus’ Resurrection.

During our prayer today, we can take time to think about our own lives, how we can treat others better and try to live like Jesus.

Today’s Response is:- You gave up your life to save us

Assembly Term 1 Week 4, 2021

Assembly Term 1 Week 4, 2021

It was great having everyone back at school this week.

We are experimenting with new equipment to record the Assemblies and due to technical difficulties, children receiving awards were not ‘captured in the frame’.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Ash Wednesday Prayer Service

Ash Wednesday Prayer Service

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, which lasts for six weeks.

We call it Ash Wednesday because many, many Christians around the world receive a cross of ashes on their foreheads.

Although, this year we can’t place a cross of ashes on our forehead, we invite families to prepare themselves for the Season of Lent by using this Ash Wednesday Prayer Service.

Gratitude reflection – End of Year Mass 2020

Gratitude reflection – End of Year Mass 2020

Students were asked to reflect on the 2020 School Year. This is what students wrote for their class…

Grade Reflection
Prep  Blue In Prep Blue we are grateful for the chance to play with our friends now that we are back at school.
Prep Yellow In Prep Yellow we are grateful for learning about writing recounts. We get yellow cards and Miss Humphris gives us stickers!
1 Blue In 1 Blue we are grateful for getting to spend more time with our family during lockdown. We are also grateful for Sport, Art, Italian, Handwriting and Tech!
1 Yellow In 1 Yellow we are grateful for being back at school so that we can do Art and PE with the class and the teachers again.
2 Blue In 2 Blue we are grateful for our parents who helped us learn during remote learning and we are grateful for our teachers who help us when we get frustrated!
2 Yellow In 2 Yellow we are grateful for coming back to school after lockdown and having a great teacher who is funny and lets us play fun games.
3 Blue In 3 Blue we are grateful for all of Victoria following the Covid rules so we could stay healthy during this difficult time. We are thankful to all our teachers and family for supporting us during online learning and are so happy to be able to see all our friends and family again
3 Yellow In 3 Yellow we are grateful for coming back to school and seeing all the teachers and our friends again. We are also grateful for having the teachers around, by our side, so that we can ask for help whenever we need it. It’s wonderful to have Miss McGing back!
4 Blue In 4 Blue we are grateful for the efforts of all the teachers so that we could keep learning during remote learning. For Miss Mac (our student teacher), and all the hard work Mrs Jamieson put in for us.

We’re also grateful for all the Google Meets during lockdown as seeing our classmates was often the highlight of our day!

4 Yellow In 4 Yellow we are grateful for being able to learn both online and at school throughout the pandemic. We are also very grateful that we were still able to go to year 4 camp – it was great!
5 Blue In 5 Blue we are grateful for our teacher conducting extra Google Meets to explain the learning tasks, and for her always being willing to help anyone that needs it.
5 Yellow In 5 Yellow we are grateful for being able to learn online. We are also grateful that lots of people were still able to work when everything shut down.
6 Blue In 6 Blue we are grateful for our teacher always being available and helping us during remote learning. We are also grateful for the chance to have a leadership role in the school.
6 Yellow In 6 Yellow we are grateful for Mrs Smith who always makes us laugh. We are grateful that our teachers always make learning fun and interesting!
Bakers Delight Christmas Tart- Fundraiser

Bakers Delight Christmas Tart- Fundraiser

Dear Parents/Carers,

As you are aware, Holy Trinity students are supporting the needy people in our community through their support of St. Vincent De Paul CHRISTMAS APPEAL. Bakers Delight Mountain Gate, are again providing the Christmas Tart fundraiser. We are selling a pack of 6 Fruit Mince Tarts or 6 Lemon Tarts or 6 Mixed Tart Packs (3 Fruit Mince and 3 Lemon Tarts) for only $10 a pack. We will raise $2 from every pack sold. All profits will go to St Vincent de Paul’s Christmas appeal to support people in our community. With every purchase of Christmas Tarts, you will receive a voucher for a free block loaf of bread that can be redeemed at Bakers Delight Mountain Gate.

We will accept orders and payment (via CDFPay) until 9pm, Tuesday 8 December 2020 at 9pm

The Bakers Delight Christmas Tarts will be delivered to the school and brought home by students on Monday 14th December. As parents cannot come on site; please indicate below if you are okay with your eldest child bringing tarts home or if you’d like staff to bring tarts out to the pickup bay/ gate and hand them over to you.

It would be wonderful if you share information about the fundraiser and link (below) with family, friends and neighbours.

Thanks for your support,

Denham Harvie

Deputy Principal /Religious Education Leader



To order & pay click link:- Bakers Delight Tarts-SVdP Fundraiser.

Please ensure that you have completed CDFPay correctly.

(You should receive payment confirmation via email)


Fruit Mince Tart –A Christmas favourite made with real sultanas, currants, apples and mixed spice, all encased in delicious shortcrust pastry. Our Fruit Mince Tarts are the perfect addition to any festive event!

  •  Egg friendly                           Nut friendly


Lemon Tart – Tangy lemon curd encased in short crust pastry – irresistible!

  •  Nut friendly



Remembrance Day Prayer Service

Remembrance Day Prayer Service

Please join in our Remembrance Day Prayer Service led by our Yr 6 Liturgy Leaders.

Remembrance Day reminds us to pray for peace, to think about what we are doing as individuals, as a community and as a country to bring God’s peace into the world.

This is a time when a believing community should once again turn towards prayer and towards ideals Jesus gives us in the Beatitudes.

Remembrance Day Prayer Service


Remembrance Day Prayer Service with Captions



Upsetting Content Online- eSafety for families

Upsetting Content Online- eSafety for families

Last week, we contacted families about a distressing video that was circulating on Social Media, mainly TikTok, YouTube and Facebook. As far as we know, these platforms are working to take down the clip and ban any users posting it.

While your child/ren may not have been exposed to this particular video, we remind you to be aware of the content your child/ren may be accessing or exposed to online.

We encourage you to have a discussion with your child/ren regarding safety steps they need to take should they encounter inappropriate material.

Below are some resources that you may find helpful to assist you with cyber safety and discussion with your child/ren.


Kind regards,

Denham Harvie